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How To Increase Breast Size Naturally?


Breast size has always been the most significant concern amongst women across the globe. Society has left no effort to set up a superficial beauty standard. It is said that your breast size marks your level of attraction, which means the bigger it is, the more attractive you are. However, out of 3,095 million females across the globe, it is practically impossible for each one to have the same bust size. Believe it or not, ditching societal ideologies and building up your own might take some time. But, it is worth everything. If you are one of those females who have been insecure about their chest size for quite some time and feel like working on its enlargement, this blog is for you. Nevertheless, make sure to treat your body right while undergoing the process because self-love is everything.


A woman checking her breast size


What are the causes of having smaller breasts?

Breast size significantly varies from woman to woman. It notably gets derived from a lot of underlying factors. The following are a few of them: -

  • Genetics: - Genetics plays a vital role in deciding your cup size. You may get the same if you have a family history of a particular size. 

  • Rapid weight loss: - Fatty tissues constitute a significant component of the breast tissue. And hence, with rapid weight loss, you tend to shed the fatty tissues of your breasts too. 

  • Malnutrition: - Lack of proper diet and nutrition can even lead to a smaller bust size. Being malnutrition means that your body lacks major vitamins and nutritional value. Hence, it is essential to maintain healthy dietary habits to maintain likewise bodily features. 

  • Hormonal disbalance: - Hormonal disbalance is also a significant factor affecting cup size. Hormone such as estrogen is responsible for breast size. Hence, a lack of this hormone can lead to a smaller bust size. 

  • Medical conditions: - If you are suffering from any chronic disease or are undergoing treatment, losing your original cup size can be one of its side effects. 


Can breast size be increased naturally at home?

Yes, breast size can be increased naturally at home. There are several ways to achieve the size you want, but make sure to be consistent with the steps you follow. Apart from the appropriate home remedies, many supplements are available to grow your breast tissues. Stick till the end, and you shall get to know them all.


What are the ways for breast enlargement?

Natural remedies

The natural remedies are a bit time taking, but unlike the medical treatments, there will not be any side effects. The following are some of the home remedies that you can try: -

  • Food: - Food plays a major factor in deciding your entire look and feel. There are certain food items that are well targeted in building up your breast size, such as milk for fats, fenugreek seeds for increasing estrogen levels, nuts for monounsaturated fats, and soybean for phytoestrogens. You can even include papaya (unsafe during pregnancy), fennel, and flax seeds in your diet for even better results. 

  • Yoga: - There are specific yoga postures to endure the growth of your breasts. Bhujangasana, also known as cobra pose; Ustrasana, commonly known as Camel pose; and Dwikonasan, usually known as a double angle pose, will help you get fuller breasts. 

  • Oil massage: - Regular massage aids in improving blood circulation and relaxes the tissues, which may increase your cup size. Flaxseed oil, Fennel oil, breast enlargement creams, and olive oil may help enhance the size. 

  • Regular exercise: - Certain workouts are designed to target the muscles of the breasts. Exercises such as Arm presses, Prayer pose, arm presses, modified push-ups, and horizontal chest presses provide specific attention to the breast tissues. 

Medical treatments

Specific medical treatments/procedures available at a doctor’s clinic will help you attain faster and more noticeable growth. Here are some of the treatments available to achieve fuller breasts: -

  • Supplements and medications: - There are a lot of supplements and drugs available to treat the cause. But, most of all, if you are up for trying out any oral medication, it is highly advisable to first consult a doctor. Your doctor shall guide you with the entire treatment plan so that the meds do not affect you in any possible way. 

  • Breast augmentation: - Breast augmentation is a surgery in which the surgeon places silicone and saline under the breast tissues to make them look fuller. This is one of the options given to the patient suffering from breast cancer after its removal. However, it is an expensive option. Hence, discuss it well with your doctor and make sure you have a budget for the same. 


Take away

The concept of beauty is way too subjective. And, the sooner we realize, the better place we will be at. It is barely possible to shut down the judgments that people throw based on how we look, but not allowing those opinions and judgments to hurt our sentiments is on us. Be so confident in your own skin that people think twice about condemning you. Remember, it is absolutely alright to work on your body and have the desire to achieve a particular size. But make sure to love your body enough while you are working on it. People will have opinions, but you need to find your way out and achieve your result.  


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