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Health risks women face after a menopause


Menopause is a natural process that occurs in a woman after their 40s or 50s. For some, it can happen before due to medical conditions, such as; removal of the ovaries. It is a transition into a new phase of life. This is not a health condition; it begins when the menstrual cycle in a woman ends. Therefore, hormonal changes and other factors are common that can cause discomfort to a great extent.

During menopause, a lot of females experience different menopause symptoms, such as; hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and reduced or decreased sex drive. This could also lead to various anxiety or mood changes. These manifestations do not have a set time period, and they can stay for several years; however, the severity or mildness depends on the lifestyle of a woman.


A woman should not compare her symptoms with another woman as it is different in every case. Therefore, there are 3 stages of menopause; perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause. However, you can get menopause medications online from us and enjoy the fantastic benefits we provide and offer.

However, women face many health risks after menopause if they don’t take protective measures.


Urinary incontinence


This is one of the most common types of conditions. Urinary incontinence occurs while you cough, sneeze, which leads to leakage. This happens when the tissue of the bladder and urethra contains estrogens that are thickened by the hormones. While this happens, it is advised to empty your bladder as soon as possible. Try specific Kegel exercises; this can also help you better your condition.


Weight loss


Women gain at least 5 percent of more weight after menopause. The prime reason for this is that loss of estrogens shifts the fat from hips to the middle area of a woman.

The best way to prevent this is to cut the calories and to stay active through exercising, not snacking too often and other healthier lifestyle changes.


Bone health


When a woman undergoes menopause, the lack of estrogen levels results in rapid bone loss. You may not even realize that your bones are weakening, so getting yourself checked and tested is the best way to get to know about this condition. The earlier you get to know, the better you can treat it.


Heart disease


Usually, people misquote breast cancer to be the biggest killer, but little do they know that after menopause, heart disease is the most significant danger. The risk of heart attacks increases post-menopause.

The main reason for this is that estrogens help the blood vessels to be flexible but after menopause, estrogen diminishes, leading to many risks.




Though, there are many complications a woman faces after menopause. But one does not need to fret as there are menopause treatments and menopause medications available. The right care and measures are the key to a better life post-menopause.


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