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5 key facts one must know about antibiotics


Anti-biotics or anti-bacterial’s are drugs that kill or slow the growth of bacteria. These powerful medications are used to treat diseases that are caused by bacteria.  Antibiotics are easily available both online and offline. But still, if you want to enjoy some discounts on your medication, you can buy cheap anti-biotics online at unmatchable prices.


Antibiotic medications

However, people have this myth that antibiotics can fight anything, but is this even true? Let’s find out…

1. Antibiotics don’t work against everything

People have this myth that antibiotics work against everything, which is clearly not right. Though, antibiotics fight bacterial infections as mentioned above but they do not work or function against viral infections. This statement means that they are not effective against illnesses such as; flu, common cold, influenza, runny nose and other viral infections.

Taking the wrong antibiotics cannot be effective but could result in harmful side-effects. So, before you buy generic anti-biotics online or from a neighbourhood pharmacy, it is advised to first consult a doctor and then proceed.


2. Over use of antibiotics can be harmful

The biggest problem of overusing antibiotics is that it loses its effectiveness due to which bacteria becomes more resistant to medications. Bacteria adapts to these drugs making it hard to treat them and in rare cases, this could lead to some deadly drug resistant bacterial infections. 

When an individual gets affected by this infection it becomes difficult to find effective medications to treat it. 


3. Increases the risk of obesity

Antibiotics deranges body’s balance of good and bad bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. They can not only do this temporarily but can also permanently alter an individual’s gut’s bacterial balance. Due to this change, one can put on some unwanted weight. Not only this, but they can also confuse your hunger hormones and increase your hunger. 


4. Antibiotics can weaken your immune system

Antibiotics fight all types of bacteria and cannot differentiate between your body’s good and bad bacteria. This makes it kill some good bacteria’s that the body needs to fight infections, therefore, weakening your immune system. 


5. Consumption of old antibiotics: A bad idea

According to doctors, there are often patients that tell them “I used the same antibiotics left over from the last time I was sick, so I took them.” The thing here is, people need to understand that there are different antibiotics that treat different bacterial infections. You cannot presume that the older one or leftover will treat you the same way it treated you earlier. 

So, if in case, you are planning to reuse the same old medication for a different bacterial infection then it is advised not to do so. Instead, consult your doctor and the medication he suggests.



Antibiotics are very powerful and strong medications that help fight illness caused by bacterial infection and not viral infection. They are very effective drugs that kill the bacteria present in your body. 

However, understanding the facts about antibiotics will give you a broader and clearer picture of what all one should keep in mind while consuming as well as buying anti-biotics. It is always advised to consult your doctor first before you buy cheap anti-biotics online

Note: The information provided above is not to scare you from taking antibiotics but to give you all the information one must know. 


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