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What Causes Erectile Dysfunction and What Can You Do?


It is not easy for everyone to talk about erectile dysfunction, but the condition is more common than one might think. In the US, around 30 million men are suffering from erectile dysfunction. What exactly is it? Well, it is a situation when a man can’t have an erection or can’t keep the erection long enough for sexual intercourse. Sometimes also referred to as impotence, it can occur at any stage of the erection process. There can be physical, mental, physiological, and some other medical causes as well.


Man stressed about ED


First, let’s talk about what causes an erection! It is simply the result of the increased flow of blood in the penis. When a man is excited sexually, the muscles in the penis relax, allowing the blood to flow, eventually filling the chambers in the penis. This makes the penis grow rigid, and the erection comes to an end when these muscles contract, allowing the accumulated blood to flow out through penile veins.

Now, let’s dive in below to see what usually causes erectile dysfunction (ED).

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

A lot of possible conditions can cause ED. We have categorized the causes below:

Cardiovascular diseases


Increased age


High cholesterol



Low testosterone levels

Kidney diseases

Sleep disorders


Relationship problems

Drug use

Intake of tobacco products

Excess intake of alcohol

Peyronie’s disease

Damage to the pelvic area through surgery or injury

Some prescribed medications for other diseases

One or more reasons mentioned above can cause ED. If you or someone you know has ED, then it is important to work on these causes to find out about the actual cause. If it is a medical condition causing ED, it can surely be treated easily with generic ED drugs.

What Can You Do?

Firstly, confirm the symptoms like trouble in getting an erection, less interest in having sex, difficulty in maintaining an erection during sex, delayed ejaculation, anorgasmia, etc. If you have these symptoms, consult your doctor for further tests and prescriptions. Once that is done, you can purchase ED pills online.

The treatment is solely based on the cause behind ED, and once that is identified, the path ahead is much clearer for doctors. They usually first go with some basic physical tests and psychological tests and try to know the sexual history, health history, etc. Other additional tests include blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound, injection tests, NPT tests, etc. Generally, the test results of one of these will help determine the cause of ED.

Many doctors suggest some exercises such as Kegel exercises, aerobic exercises, and yoga. Also, ED patients should avoid alcohol, processed sugars, red meat and focus on eating vegetables, fruits, and whole food. Other natural treatments include acupuncture, herbs/supplements, and prostatic massage.

The bottom line here is that there are multiple options available to treat ED. Based on the prescriptions, people can buy erectile dysfunction drugs online. Along with the medications, natural therapies and exercises will help to improve the situation. In case these are not effective, talk to your doctor for surgical treatment. Generally, there are two procedures: implants and vascular surgery. According to your cause and health issues, your doctor will suggest the best option for you. So, discuss with your doctor and complete the treatment.

Have a great day!


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