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Weight Loss- Causes, preventive measures, and medications


Before starting with the blog, make sure you are in a space where you love yourself enough, especially your body. Considering other factors of an unhealthy lifestyle, extreme weight gain tops the list. Though it’s okay to gain some weight, however, too much of it can cause harmful effects on the body. Maintaining body weight is subjective, It highly depends on your gender, age, lifestyle, and situation. But, if you have gained weight and want to lose those extra pounds, it can easily be controlled with the help of some fundamental lifestyle changes and generic weight loss drugs.

weight loss

So, before jumping into the solutions, let’s know the causes of weight gain;.


  • Too much calory intake
  • Overeating
  • Stress eating
  • Previous health condition
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Side effects of any ongoing medication, and many more.


It is always essential to know the trigger points and then take a step ahead towards the solution. And now, since you have already got to know the causes, let’s discuss how we can work towards weight loss by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


  • Routine exercise: - Shake it, move it unless you feel some change. Indulging in any physical activity makes you feel light and easy. And following a routine for the same is always a bonus...! 


  • Portion control: - Portion control is essential if you are into weight loss. I prefer taking a little quantity of food items on the plate for better control.


  • Calory deficit: - Too much calory intake is also a factor for weight gain. Follow a diet rich in protein and avoid calories as much as you can.


  • Cut back on added sugar: - Even if we skip the weight gain factor for a while, added sugar is way too harmful to your health. Go through the labels on the food items carefully and make sure to avoid things that contain high content added sugar.


  • Low carb diet: - Following a low-carb diet is highly beneficial for health. It burns the stored fat for energy and helps in shedding weight.


  • Green tea: - Prefer having green tea instead of shakes with high content of added sugar. Green tea cuts down the body fat to a great extent and also results in glowing skin. 



There are a variety of weight-loss drugs readily available in the market that can help you in the process of losing weight. You can even buy weight loss drugs online and enjoy the benefits of doorstep delivery. However, we advise you to consult a dietician and healthcare provider before you start taking these medications.

Maintaining a healthy body is a much-needed effort that we also must put in. Let’s together normalize the concept of weight loss rather than glorifying a particular body type. Maintaining healthy body weight is essential because an obese body is the hub of diseases and unwanted fats. Take enough care of your body as it is the only place you have to live. 


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