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Ways to preclude migraine


The first question that comes to a human’s mind is that “what does migraine mean”? A migraine is a primary headache disorder that is characterized by recurrent headaches that can be moderate to severe. This headache can affect one side of the head and is pulsating in nature. A migraine can last for a few hours to 3 days. 


Stages of Migraine


Migraine consists of 4 stages, namely;


  • Prodrome
  • Aura
  • Attack
  • Post drome


However, not everyone who has a migraine goes through or witnesses all four stages.

According to a survey conducted in America, around 39 million American’s experience migraines.


Preventive measures


One can always preclude and avoid certain things that can trigger a migraine, which, therefore, can further decrease the chances of having a migraine.


Avoiding bright lights and noises 


Loud noises and bright lights can trigger migraine headaches. Avoid driving at night, going to theatres, clubs, or crowded places and in the scorching sun. Do not sit in front of the computer for long, take a break and adjust your brightness from time to time.

However, there are many headache medications available that you can take to get some relief. 


Food choices


It is imperative to avoid certain food items that can initiate headaches, such as; chocolates, red wine, processed meats, sweeteners, and cheese. These foods can trigger headaches easily. Limit the consumption of caffeine and alcohol.




Stress is one condition that can not only spark headaches but many other illnesses as well. Though it is tough to avoid stressful events, however, you can control how to react to them. Relaxation techniques, such as meditation, yoga, and others, can help relieve stress.


Lack of sleep


Lack of sleep is also one of the primary reasons for a headache, so make sure you take enough sleep at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

Therefore, taking too much sleep also causes headaches, so don’t oversleep or make up for the rest lost.




Changes in the weather are also a significant reason to generate or spark headaches. Too much heat and rain can stimulate headaches. So, it is advised to stay indoors in such weather conditions as much as you can.




It is advised to know what all can trigger you and work on avoiding such situations. By catching these triggers early, one can prevent severe manifestations.

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