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Ways that can help you quit smoking


Tobacco is considered one of the most dangerous substances that can cause severe damage to your health. Around 10 to 12mg of nicotine is present in an average cigarette. Quitting smoking feels overwhelming and may not be an easy job to quit as the craving for nicotine is such that it can mentally and physically tamper your health on a large scale and cause behavioral changes. It can also be a major cause for several disabilities and premature death. The worst part about smoking is that it not only impacts one health aspect but has the tendency to destruct your overall health.

If you ever try to quit smoking, you may experience various unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, including; mental and physical changes.

quit smoking


However, regardless of how much you have smoked, quitting it can improve your health drastically.

To get motivated, you need a powerful, personal reason to quit. This lowers getting lung cancer, heart disease, or other conditions. We advise you to create a proper plan before you get started. Challenge yourself with reasons that will further motivate you to quit.

Also, several generic anti-smoking drugs can help you reach your goal.

Today, we have curated 5 ways through which you can succeed in the mission of quitting smoking. To check it out, continue reading…


1. Reach out to a support program

There are many programs that you can look out for. These programs help by giving counseling to those who require some support. Many doctors recommend this method.


2. List your triggers.

Write down all your triggers. By doing so, you are preparing yourself to maintain a distance from the trigger areas that could lead you to start smoking again. Avoid going to parties or on breaks alone as these points can tend to force you to smoke.


3. Make allies

Inform people about this step as they can turn around and become your support system. You can ask them to keep a check on you and help you get the thought of smoking out of your mind. Your people can help distract you, leading to fewer smoking cravings.


4. Clean your surroundings

Get rid of your lighters, cigarette pack, and ashtrays from your house, car, office or other places where you tend to keep them. Wash your clothing as it may have the smell of tobacco in it.  


5. Carry substitutes

Stock up on substitutes that can help you pass the craving stage, such as; gums, candies, cinnamon and other things. It is advised to keep these substitutes in the place where you used to stack your cigarettes or ashtrays.



The whole process of quitting smoking can be very challenging, emotionally and physically. However, try to remind yourself of all the positives of why you started. You can also go in for nicotine replacement therapy and coaching’s if you want the extra motivation you lack. Do not lose hope, it may feel very difficult initially, but as you succeed, all this will feel worth the fight.


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