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Remedies to cure a stye


A stye is a red bump that forms on the outer edge of the eyelid. A Stye is caused due to a bacterial infection in the oil gland or hair follicle on a human’s eyelid. This bacteria gets trapped inside the eyelid, causing an infection, known as a stye. Its tender to touch and painful, filled with pus. Styes look like a boil or a pimple. 

Though stye fades away on its own in a week without doing anything, however, if you want to get quick relief from it, the following remedies can help you achieve it. Before that, it's essential to identify stye symptoms and act accordingly, depending on its severity. The symptoms include; pain or swelling, itchiness, and watery eyes.  

eye with a stye



The skin around the eye area is susceptible and thinner than other areas of our face. So, we advise you to clean the area with a mild soap when suffering from a stye. You could also opt for a saline solution as it helps in the breakdown of bacterial membranes. 



Black tea works the best for a stye as it has antibacterial properties that help reduce the swelling. Keep the teabag on your eye for about 5-10 minutes. Use it twice daily till the node does not subside. 


Warm compress

A warm compress is the most effective as it helps bring the pus to the surface, letting it drain out naturally. Make sure the cloth is not too hot. Gently place it over the eye for about 5-10 minutes. 

You can try to do this method for about four times a day. 



Many OTC pain medications can help you treat this condition, such as; Advil and others. Consult a doctor before you start using medication to be on the safer side. Apart from this medicine, you can also get stye antibiotics to treat your condition. 


Piece of advice

Don’t squeeze, touch, or squeeze the stye as it can spread the infection. It is also recommended not to wear any eye make-up or contact lenses while you have a stye. If the stye still causes pain and makes it difficult for you to do your day-to-day activities, consult your doctor. 


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