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Migraines - The Final Word on Causes and Prevention


What is Migraine? 

Migraine is a neurological disease that is much worse than a nasty headache. It can leave you with throbbing pain for days. It can get worse with light, sound, and sudden movement. It can induce a variety of symptoms like tiredness, pain, pulsing headaches on one side of your head, numbness, tingling, nausea, visual disturbances, irritability, temporary loss of vision and difficulty in speaking, and many more. Getting to know about Migraines as a disorder on your own can be intimidating, So you should consult a doctor who walks you through the realities, the queries, and the answers to help you better apprehend this ailment. Generic migraine drugs can help reduce migraine episodes and make them less painful. The correct medicines, home remedies, diet, and lifestyle changes, can help you fight it. You can buy migraine drugs online from our pharmacy, Reliable Canadian Pharmacy, at reasonable prices when the financial belt is tight.


A girl holding his head in pain.


Four Phases of a Migraine 

There are four stages of Migraine Disorder, namely :

1. Prodrome – This is the first stage of a migraine disorder. It can either last for a few hours or even a few days. As it doesn't happen each time, so you may or may not feel it every time. It is also known as the pre-headache or premonitory phase.

2. Aura – This is the 2nd stage of Migraine disorder, which can last as long as sixty minutes or as small as only five minutes. Many people don't even go through an aura, whereas some experience both headache and aura simultaneously.

3. Headache – The 3rd stage of Migraine disorder is a headache. It usually lasts for about 4 hours to 72 hours. A headache mostly starts from one side of the head and spreads all over the head. Most people describe it as a throbbing and painful sensation.

4. Postdrome – The 4th stage of Migraine disorder is known as Postdrome and around 80% who gets migraine experience it as well. It usually takes place after a migraine attack, goes on for a day or two, and is called a migraine hangover.


What causes a migraine? 

The cause of migraine is very complicated and yet to be fully understood. When you get a migraine headache, it's due to specific nerves in your blood vessels that send pain signals to your brain nerves. It releases inflammatory substances into your head's nerves and blood vessels. It's still unknown why the nerves do that, but the changes in the brainstem and its interactions with a significant pain pathway, i.e., the trigeminal nerve, might be the reason.

Various factors can trigger a migraine headache. Some common triggers include :

  • Emotional stress, anxiety, excitement.

  • Delaying or missing a meal.

  • Excessive intake of caffeinated beverages.

  • Sensitivity towards preservatives or chemicals in food items.

  • Hormonal changes in women, especially during pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause.

  • Weather changes.

  • The frequent intake of pain relief medications.

  • Change in your sleep pattern.

  • Overexertion or physical activity in excess.

  • Flashing, fluorescent lights, or sunlight.

How to Prevent Migraine? 

No cure has been found for migraine yet, but recent advances have been made in it's treatment. You can also actively participate in managing them, maybe by reducing how often you get them and controlling how severe they are by following these tips:

  • One should identify and avoid triggers. Keep a diary to maintain a record of your symptoms. It will help you recognize what's causing or triggering your migraine attacks.

  • Get plenty of rest, and make sure to sleep for 7-8 hours every night.

  • Do regular physical activity in moderation and maintain healthy body weight.

  • Maintain a schedule for your meals. Don't skip or delay your meals.

  • Stay hydrated.

  • Manage your stress by doing yoga, meditation, and mindful breathing.

  • You can also take counseling from your therapist to help you control stress.

  • You can take preventive medications like antidepressants, calcitonin gene-related peptides medicines, and anti-seizure medications. Take pills as directed by your doctor. Your doctor might prescribe you timolol, amitriptyline, topiramate, and divalproex sodium. Some medicines that aid or manage a migraine may also help prevent one. Please consult a doctor and discuss all the warnings and precautions before you buy migraine medication online.



Complementary/Alternative lifestyle approaches like yoga, staying hydrated, focusing on a gut bacteria diet, and regular aerobic exercises have also been proven helpful in preventing migraine attacks. Preventive treatment strategies will differ from person to person and should be adjusted over time as symptoms, hormonal states, and overall health change. It is vital to stress that starting a migraine preventive therapy doesn't mean you will need to abide by one therapy forever. Migraine itself waxes and wanes throughout life. Discuss with your healthcare provider the cause of your migraine attack, how to start migraine therapy, and also when and how to stop or reduce preventive treatment, depending on your clinical situation at that point in time. Now there are various doctors available through whom you can get migraine treatment online and save your time and money. Stay Positive, and Don't take Stress!!


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