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  • How covid-19 has changed our sex life?

How covid-19 has changed our sex life?


COVID-19 has changed every aspect of human life, be it finance, family, personality, relationships, mental health, or even sex life. It has made our life a mess. The virus has affected every individual in some way or the other. As per research, COVID-19 took a heavy toll on an individual's sex life. Majorly, it pumped the issue of erectile dysfunction in men for many possible reasons. If you are one of them, stop hesitating and immediately consult a doctor. You can even buy Erectile Dysfunction drugs online from us at a reasonable price and save up your pocket.


A guy with a mask gently holding a girl by face/


We still hesitate to talk about the importance of healthy intimate life in open. We need to understand that it is as important as any other aspect of an adult's life. But, it's an individual choice on how they want to prioritize this segment. However, the pandemic has thrown a dash of light on the aspect that plays an essential part in our life- HEALTHY SEX. 


Now let's dive into the reasons that are affecting one's intimate life, considering the COVID-19 situation: -


  • Economic tension: - The lockdown period led to a widespread financial crisis. It was followed by numerous businesses being shut down, reduced salaries, an increase in the unemployment rate, and many more. This situation simultaneously added fear and worry to every household. And hence, it led to a disturbed sex life between couples.
  • Home Quarantine: - The entire concept of home quarantine was suffocating. But that was the least we all did, considering everyone's safety. It made maintaining relationships challenging for long-distance couples who were unable to meet due to travel restrictions.
  • Post-COVID health issues: - The virus disturbed the body's entire immune system while one was suffering from covid. And once tested negative, it took about a month or two to get back to normal. It also disrupted a couple's sexual life. An adult male is highly likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence if not properly cared for post covid. In such a scenario, they can take some renowned ED medications such as Cialis 10mg PillLevitra 20mg TabletViagra 25mg tablets, etc., to aid themselves.
  • Mental Health issues: - As a whole, the pandemic was way too exhausting and mentally draining. Worrying constantly about declining business growth, financial problems, seeing close ones losing life, and more led to mental trauma. And hence, many of us suffered from post-trauma anxiety and depression. In turn, we all know how hard it was to maintain a good intimate life with trauma and an unbalanced state of mind.
  • Fear of getting infected: - Even after the situation got light, many people intentionally hesitated to build up a sexual bond with anyone they liked, as there was a high chance of getting infected with COVID 19 during the whole process of intimacy. Hence, a significant percentage of the population temporarily gave up on sex and considered being at home the safest option. 


Sex is an integral part of a healthy romantic relationship. But COVID-19 has entirely tossed that concept. The entire phase was challenging, draining, and full of uncertainty for everyone. Coping with the pandemic gave us depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. It also ended up causing ED issues in men and loss of interest in women. Now, since the situation is getting back to normal, all our other problems in life are slowly but gradually falling in place. Also, we are free to travel across nations/places to meet our partners and spike up the love again. 


Although, if you still feel you are suffering from post-COVID ED issues, consult a doctor, and buy Generic Erectile Dysfunction medication from Canada to enjoy the deals and discounts and help yourself feel better.




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