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Higher Acid Reflux During Winters? Myth or Fact


If you have ever heard that in winters, Acid Reflux worsen, then you heard it right. Most people are annoyed by GERD symptoms more in winters. Some may ask, what is GERD? Well, first of all, GERD stands for gastroesophageal reflux disease. In simpler words, when the stomach acid goes back up to your food pipe, it causes a sensation of burning in your chest, or you may taste the sourness of food in your mouth…this is what GERD is all about, or if we talk in laymen's language, the word acidity would be more familiar to many.

Myths and Facts

And yes, this is a fact that people experience acid reflux more in winters. Let's see what the reasons are behind it…


Why does acid reflux worsen in winter?

Knowing all the aspects of increased acid reflux in winters will bring you a step closer to figuring out how to prevent it or the best treatment for it. Let’s get going then.


Early to bed but late to rise 

Most people are not aware that gravity plays an essential part in the symptoms of acid reflux. It gets dark early in winters, so most people finish up their work and get into their beds early. And as the sun comes out late, they get up a little late as well. Our stomach acid is more likely to go back up to the food pipe when we are lying down and not standing up or sitting upright. 


Less physical activities

Acid reflux worsens in winters because of a lack of physical exercise. It is because we stay indoors for longer due to the cold weather. So, less physical activity means more acidity.


The comfort of oily food

As well as performing less physical activities in winters, people tend to fall for an unhealthy diet too. Taking comfort and relief from the cold by consuming hot fatty beverages and spicy food is ubiquitous during winters. But it provides comfort for the lesser period and annoys more by worsening the symptoms of acid reflux.


Christmas hype 

In the festive season, people are more likely to munch on some unhealthy stuff and consume alcoholic drinks than at other times of the year. Although it is not wrong to indulge in a few drinks, limitless alcohol consumption can increase GERD symptoms as it is one of the main contributors to acid reflux. 


So the question got answered, Higher Acid Reflux During Winters is a factnot a myth. If you face acid reflux symptoms this winter, don’t let it spoil the season for you. Consult your doctor and get started with gastroesophageal reflux disease medication as soon as possible to bring the symptoms under control. You can also change your lifestyle (eat smaller meals, avoid fried food, limit alcohol consumption, do not take stress, etc.) and prevent GERD symptoms. Eat healthily! Stay healthy!


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