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Edema: An overview


Edema, also known as dropsy, is a condition where one’s body parts swell due to an injury or inflammation. This fluid retention mainly occurs in the feet, legs, or ankles. However, it can affect various parts of your body as well. 

To give you a brighter and bigger picture of what actually can cause Edema, we shall elaborate on the conditions that may lead to it. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the blog straight away. 

edema feet



There are different causes of Edema. Edema may result from; sitting in one position for too long, being pregnant, and premenstrual signs and symptoms. 

Sometimes Edema can be caused due to varicose veins or damaged veins in one’s legs. Or, any surgery that may involve the removal of lymph nodes can result in Edema, popularly known as lymphedema. 

A poor diet can also be a significant condition for Edema. Consuming excess salt is said to cause mild Edema. 


When to reach out for help?

During pregnancy, if you develop Edema, it can be an alarming sign and a sign of an emergency. When a woman gets pregnant, the body tends to retain more sodium and water than usual, increasing the risk of developing Edema. Call your doctor immediately to preclude further complications.

Your doctor may assign you generic edema drugs online that can help you control the situation. 


Risk factors

The risk of Edema also increases if you intake certain medications, including; hypertension medications, steroids, estrogens, diabetic medicines, and others. 

Apart from these risk factors, cognitive heart failure or liver or kidney disease can also further increase the risk of Edema. 



Complications may occur if you leave this condition untreated. The complications it can cause are as follows; 


- Stiffness

- Difficulty walking

- Reduced blood circulation

- Increased risk of skin ulcers

- Scarring between layers of tissue

- Painful swelling



Edema can be appropriately treated with the help of certain medications. You can treat Edema at home as well as there are specific medical treatments available.

Buy best discount edema drugs online from our online drugstore and help treat your condition. 



Edema can be prevented if you follow certain lifestyle changes, including being physically active, avoiding excess amounts of salt in your diet, and religiously following all the orders given by your healthcare professional. 


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