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Can You Take Vitamin B12 Supplements With Metformin?


Vitamin B12 is considered necessary for the well-being of an individual in several ways. It helps develop your DNA and RBCs (Red blood cells). The Liver is the organ that stores vitamin b12 in excess. However, if you regularly take an unbalanced diet, it can trigger an acute deficiency of this vitamin, as your body does not naturally produce it. You can take B12 supplements or eat animal-based foods rich in this vitamin. A lot of studies have shown that consuming metformin 850mg tablets can lead to a deficiency of B12 vitamin in your body. So, let's find out if vitamin B12 levels can get affected while you are on Metformin drug, mainly used to treat Diabetes. You can also check out other drugs on our online pharmacy Reliable Canadian and buy generic diabetic drugs from us to save up to 80% of your medication cost.


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What is Metformin?

Metformin is used to treat type-2 Diabetes. It is an antidiabetic agent approved by the FDA which helps manage high blood sugar levels in patients suffering from Diabetes Type-2. It's a first-choice medication recommended by doctors, along with exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes for better results. It's primary function is to reduce the absorption of glucose from the body organ, intestines. It reduces the production of liver glucose and improves the sensitivity toward insulin. Taking antidiabetic drugs like metformin can help manage your sugar levels in the blood and also prevents complications like nerve issues, amputations, ED, and, most importantly, kidney damage. It is also effective in controlling and reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks. People around 10 years and older are prescribed Metformin but extended-release is only prescribed for adults. Metformin can also be combined with other medicines to treat Diabetes type-2. You can buy Actoplus Met online at the best price from us and avail heavy discounts on your first purchase. There is one more medication that is highly recommended by healthcare professionals to treat type-2 Diabetes ie pioglitazone 15 mg. But make sure not to use it to treat Type 1 diabetes.

What is Vitamin B12?

B12 Vitamin is a man-made form that is crucial for the reproduction of cells, their growth, blood formation, and synthesis of tissue and protein. Its main function is to help treat the deficiency of Vitamin B12 in people with a condition of pernicious anemia. It also helps in making your DNA and supports nerve and blood cells. Most people suffer from B12 deficiency as they are not able to get enough from the diet alone. They can take help of pills or injections to treat this deficiency. Increase the intake of food items such as dairy products, beef, poultry, seafood, and plant-based milk, as they are rich in Vitamin B12 naturally. 

Does Metformin intake affect Vitamin B12 Levels?

Although Metformin can sometimes decrease the absorption of B12 Vitamin in the small intestines but is not responsible for the decrease always. Researchers are still trying to discover why metformin affects Vitamin B12 levels. Below given are a few theories which can be the reason:

  • Metformin causes changes in how Vitamin B12 binds with Calcium.

  • Metformin promotes digestion.

  • Metformin causes vitamin B12 to be stored in the Liver for a long time

  • Metformin contributes to the increase of bacteria levels in the intestines

  • Metformin lowers the amount of intrinsic factor that is needed for absorbing vitamin B12 in the stomach.

It is still unclear how often Metformin medication affects Vitamin B12 levels to drop. It has been found that the deficiency happens in about 6-50% of people taking metformin and it's more frequent in people who have been taking high dosages of the medication for a long period.

Does vitamin B12 interfere with metformin?

No, vitamin B12 supplements do not interact with metformin, so you can safely take them together. Keeping an up-to-date list of all your prescription and over-the-counter medications is still recommended. This will allow your pharmacist or healthcare professional to ensure no potential interactions are there to worry about. 

How to check Vitamin B12 levels if low?

If you're concerned about your vitamin B12 levels, there are a few ways to check. Blood tests can help you check if your levels are low. Levels less than 200 pg/mL often suggest a deficiency. Your doctor will also check MMA (methylmalonic acid) levels in your urine or blood, as your body tends to make extra methylmalonic acid if enough vitamin B12 is absent. In addition to blood tests, your symptoms will also help determine if your levels are low for Vitamin B12. 

Symptoms of Low Vitamin B12 Levels

  • Tired or feeling weak

  • Irregular heartbeat

  • Fast heartbeat

  • Feeling short of breath

  • Nerve pain

  • Tingling feeling in hands and feet

  • Dizziness

  • Pale skin

​Is it right to take Vitamin B12 if taking Metformin?

It's not usually necessary to take a Vitamin B12 supplement unless advised to do so by your healthcare provider. To ensure healthy vitamin B12 levels, it's best to consume enough in your diet, and if you already take a multivitamin, check for vitamin B12 on its label. If your healthcare provider recommends a supplement, it's crucial to act on it to avoid future health problems. Ask your healthcare provider about the appropriate type and dosage of vitamin B12. Research suggests that Oral pills and Injections of Vitamin B12 are similar in effectiveness, but injections are better in regards to their absorption rate and work quicker for those with extreme deficiency caused by malabsorption. A study even showed that the sublingual form of vitamin B12 maybe even more efficacious than the injection.


If you have Type 2 diabetes and need to manage your blood sugar levels, your healthcare provider may recommend taking metformin as a first-choice medication. However, it's important to be aware that metformin can sometimes cause vitamin B12 deficiency. Your healthcare professional should monitor your vitamin B12 levels while taking metformin to ensure you're not experiencing any deficiencies. While you may not always need to take a vitamin B12 supplement while taking metformin, your healthcare provider can help you determine if it's necessary and prescribe the right product for you. If your doctor prescribes a diabetes drug, you can Buy Actoplus Met 15mg/850mg Tablet and help treat your condition.


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