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Asthma in Kids


Asthma has now become a widespread health condition. It is a condition in which the airways swell and narrow and produce extra mucus, resulting in shortness of breath. It doesn’t matter which age group you belong to; asthma can occur in anyone. With time asthma is more likely to be attacking kids. Although there is no permanent cure for asthma as it is a lifelong disease, you can always work towards its treatment and prevention. Preventing asthma from early childhood is not rocket science. It would be best if the child practices some fundamental lifestyle changes to show a long-term result. Apart from that, if your child has already been diagnosed with asthma, you should opt for medications. You can buy asthma drugs online and can save a lot of bucks. But make sure to consult a medical practitioner before taking any step. 


Asthma in kids, a kid with an inhaler


Now let us discuss what causes asthma in children. Asthma can be caused by many reasons, such as exposure to dust mites, environmental allergens, pollen grains, dander from cats or dogs, and irritants in the air such as chemical fumes, pollution, smoke, etc. In some cases, non-allergic triggers, such as cold air, heavy exercise, etc., can also cause asthma.

The asthma symptoms in children may vary from one another. Common asthma signs in children include rapid breathing, discomfort in the chest, shortness of breath, worsened cough after a viral infection, fatigue or weakness, tight chest and neck muscle, lack of energy during play, etc. Immediately consult a doctor if you see your child facing any issues. 

Asthma in children is as disturbing as it sounds. It has a profound impact on a child’s life. A kid with asthma finds it challenging to indulge in sports activities and might end up skipping school or classes altogether. They are conscious of getting an asthma attack in the middle of a course or around their friends. Asthma also impacts the sleep cycle of children. And hence, results in a grumpy mood and tiredness. 


Treatments & Measures

As mentioned above, there is no cure for asthma, but you can always seek treatments and measures for less influence on your child's life. Here are some of the treatments and measures for asthma in children: -

  • Asthma Action Plan: - Based on your child’s medical history and the severity of asthma, the doctor develops a care plan known as an asthma action plan. It describes how and when to take the asthma medicines, steps to follow if asthma worsens, and when to seek emergency medical care. 
  • Wear a mask: - Make your child wear a mask whenever they are heading out, especially to areas where they are likely to get triggered by the allergens. Wearing a mask can help prevent the allergens from getting into the nostril and hamper breathing.
  • Avoid smoking near your child: - If your child has asthma, it’s better to avoid smoking near them. Smoking is a significant allergen and can easily trigger or worsen asthma. 
  • Healthy weight: - It is your responsibility to help your child maintain healthy body weight. Remember, a healthy body is the master of all! Hence, it is essential to maintain a healthy body weight even in the early stages. 
  • Active lifestyle: - Encourage your child to lead an active lifestyle from an early age so that this becomes a habit. Take them out for a walk and make them practice breathing exercises. This will keep your child fit and away from asthma. 
  • Asthma medications: - There are a lot of asthma medications readily available in the market. You can buy Advair Diskus Inhaler, or a box of Levalbuterol (1.25mg) + Budesonide (0.5mg) Respules 2ml for you child. Do not forget to consult your child’s doctor before buying any medicine. 


Life with asthma is tough only when you ignore the symptoms and don’t take the required steps. It is always essential to understand the causes and symptoms of any condition and then act accordingly. As a parent, it is your responsibility to check your child's signs and symptoms and consult a doctor whenever needed. In the end, I would like to conclude that parents should make sure that their kid practices a healthy lifestyle from an early age so that it turns into a habit later which will help them for their whole life.


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