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5 ways to resist tobacco cravings


Quitting smoking in itself is a big challenge to the ones who are majorly addicted to tobacco. The constant urge to smoke can somehow make it extremely difficult for you to quit. However, not many people know that these cravings or urges last only 3-5 minutes and not more than that. They try to come off the blocks pretty strongly and subside gradually until finally gone. 

The mature way to handle this situation is to deal with the cravings calmly and steadily. The best way to overcome these urges is to shift your focus from them to something entirely different for a few minutes, till they last. 

quit smoking

These cravings can be characterized into two;


Physical cravings- In this, your body tends to react to nicotine withdrawals, which then leads to sensations like tightness in the throat or stomach, followed by feelings of anxiety.


Psychological Cravings- In this phase, your body tries to play with you by sending signals of the constant need to smoke. This situation can occur in the time of stress or other conditions. 


We, at, offer you a variety of quit smoking medicines that can help you achieve your goal. 

However, there are several ways through which you can overcome these hankerings. 


Online support

Online support is one of the most significant ways to overcome and help yourself out of this. By joining different forums, you can read and get to know about how others fought their journey towards quitting smoking and how they surpassed these nicotine withdrawals in their early stages of quitting. 

In today’s world, people are so willing to help others who are trying to quit. Maybe, one needs affirmations to push past the cravings. So, online support is considered one of the best ways to quit smoking. 


Mental vacation

One of the best ways is to practice ‘guided imagery.’ This is a stress-reduction technique that helps you in creating a situation in your mind that helps calm you down and divert your thoughts from the discomfort you encounter. 

This also helps you in controlling your emotions rather than your emotions taking control over you. 


Chew on it

Sometimes your mouth needs something, which you misconstrued with the urge to smoke. Pop in a piece of chewing gum or a candy, or you could probably munch on a veggie that can satisfy your taste buds and keep you at peace. 


Remind yourself about the perks

List down the perks or quit smoking benefits;


  • Feeling better
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Saving money 


This can help you realize how important it is to do so and make you stronger mentally. 


Try therapy

Try opting for a nicotine replacement therapy; this includes; nicotine gums, nasal sprays, inhalers that can help you in overcoming cravings. 

Buy smoking cessation medicines online from us and help yourself get rid of smoking in just no time. 



We at Reliable Canadian Pharmacy, would advise you always to remind yourself that these cravings and urges are just a call that can be shunned away with the right technique. What matters is the outcome, which will help you lead a better life overall. So, don’t fret and start your journey now.


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